2015/2016 (Graduated in 2019)

Name of Scholarship Recipient: WONG Chak Heng Jeff (黃澤鏗)

Programme: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Data Engineering

City University of Hong Kong


The award of “Bright Future Whole Person Development Scholarships” has certainly been a great motivation and encouragement for me to pursue excellence in different aspects. With the financial support from the scholarship, I had the opportunity to participate in outbound exchange and internship programmes, making my undergraduate study much more fruitful.

From the exchange programme in South Korea, the concepts and logics learnt laid a solid foundation on my understanding of electronics. While for the 10-week internship in Spain, I could not only complete a project and learn professional knowledge, but I also gained life wisdom in many aspects. “Attitude is paramount at workplaces”. I was told thousands of times by my parents, teachers and senior fellows. The internship in particular further strengthened my faith in this line of wisdom.

A positive mindset can be powerful to drive us through challenges. Before my internship started, I worried about whether I could complete my project smoothly. We were told to present our project at an internal seminar of the company, in front of my supervisors, other researchers and interns. Despite worry, I endeavored to do a great job for my project and present my good work in the debriefing session. With the support from my supervisor and colleagues, I was able to finish most of the work listed in the original proposal when I was only halfway through my internship. The extra time made the extension of the project for more applications possible. The satisfaction gained from the project was a great encouragement to me, which has driven me to do better for the next job.

On the whole, the internship in Barcelona has broadened my horizons and inspired me to see the world from different perspectives. My confidence and interpersonal communication skills were also strengthened through frequent interactions with the colleagues from different cultural backgrounds.

In this era of big data, advanced technology for data processing and transmission is increasingly demanding. Therefore, I hope to pursue a career in data engineering and contribute myself to its development. I am now working at a telecom company and I found that the experience gained from the internship has prepared me to work in the industry.

Once again, I sincerely thank Dr Chung for the scholarship and all the opportunities given! I will continue to work hard and do my utmost to contribute to society.

Project presentation during an internship in Spain

My internship supervisor who provided guidance and advice for my project

My internship colleagues of different cultural backgrounds