2016/2017 (Graduated in 2020)

Name of Scholarship Recipient: LUI Chun Fai (雷俊暉)

Programme: Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Engineering and Management

City University of Hong Kong


It is my great honour to be one of the recipients of the “Bright Future Whole Person Development Scholarships”. It is definitely a tremendous encouragement and recognition to me. Living in a low-income family, studying a Bachelor’s Degree is sheer luxury; however, I never give up on improving myself. I believe that knowledge is the key to realising my aspirations and rewriting my destiny in the foreseeable future.

The Scholarships substantially eased the financial burden and anxiety of my family. Apart from subsidising my tuition fees, the Scholarships provided me with the chance to explore the world. During a summer, I was invited to participate in the Grand Challenge Scholar Programme International Workshop as a young scholar. The workshop, which lasted for three days, talked over various worldwide grand challenges and introduced new technologies in engineering fields. I was so glad to have such an opportunity to share the excitement of innovation and engineering that made the world a better place. Without the support of the Scholarships, I could not have this unique experience.

Academically, I studied very hard to keep the high CGPA score while doing a part-time research work about healthcare issues. With the aspiration of improving the product quality and enhancing overall human health and wellness, I chose Total Quality Engineering as my major stream. I hope that my enthusiasm and competence can contribute to a better world.

Apart from study, I also strived to pursue whole person development. With my ardor and diligent attitude, I participated in various on and off campus activities such as joining an orchestra to explore my possibilities. The experience I gained has widened my horizons and nurtured my sense of social responsibility. Likewise, the voluntary social services have raised my concern about current social issues and reshaped my outlook on life and society at large.

In addition to my personal development, I wish to share my life experience with others. I have participated very actively in the sharing sessions and events organised by my home department of CityU. Thanks to the opportunity given by the department, I was very honoured to be an emcee of the Graduation Ceremony, an important and meaningful event for graduates.

After graduation, I have been furthering my study in a PhD programme at CityU. Here I sincerely thank Dr Roy Chung for his generous donation and kind support. Not only did it alleviate my financial burden, it opened a lot of doors to an enriched learning experience. In the future, I will work hard to contribute to society and continue to demonstrate my good virtues: perseverance, passion to learning, and positive attitude.

Sharing Session on Achieving Whole Person Development in University Life

Participation in the Grand Challenge Scholars Programme International Workshop