2016/2017 (Graduated in 2020)

Name of Scholarship Recipient: LAU Shuk Sze Olive (劉淑詩)

Programme: Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

City University of Hong Kong


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Roy Chung for his generosity in funding the “Bright Future Whole Person Development Scholarships”. I am truly honoured to be selected as one of the recipients!

Inspired by my father who is a retired construction inspector, I have aspired to become an engineer since I was very young. I always wish to follow in his footsteps and carry out his commitment to contributing to society. Therefore, I chose a major in mechanical engineering for my Bachelor’s Degree programme at City University of Hong Kong (CityU). Thanks to the Scholarships, my family’s financial burden was substantially alleviated and I was able to concentrate on my study while having more chances to join extra-curriculum activities.

Not only did the scholarship support my study at CityU, it also realised my long-sought dream of an exchange in the UK for a semester. It was exciting to join the exchange programme at University College London, a historical and prestigious institution located in central London! I experienced so many first times during the exchange. It was my first time studying abroad alone, first time travelling to Europe and first time living with people of similar age.

The exchange programme was so enjoyable and rewarding! Though I tried some modules that I was not familiar with, I was not discouraged because the professors were very helpful and enthusiastic about their subjects. The learning environment in London was more relaxing than that in Hong Kong so I could have study-life balance. As I spent most of my time doing revisions and reading papers in the library, I particularly enjoyed my spare time in weekends when I could travel around the city and visit museums.

Throughout the exchange period in London, I learnt to be more independent. I took care of myself without any assistance from my parents. I met people from all around the world and their sharing inspired me to explore different topics and learn to appreciate different cultures. All of these have shaped me into a better me and prepared me to adapt to the ever-changing world.

Due to my strong interest in railway engineering, I wish to develop my career in this field and contribute to the enhancement of the mass transportation system in Hong Kong. After I completed my Bachelor’s Degree programme, I thus made an important decision to further my study in the UK to gain in-depth knowledge and technical skills of railway engineering. Currently I am studying a Master’s Degree programme of Railway Systems Engineering and Integration at the University of Birmingham. The knowledge and the research skills gained from my earlier education do help me a lot to cope with my postgraduate study.

I sincerely thank Dr Chung once again for the Scholarships and his support! I will keep my positive attitude towards life and study, and contribute to society with my knowledge and expertise in the future.